Cabinets and Boards

Fast-paced and dynamic, the choice committees in Cabinets and Boards showcases some of the best talent NCSC has to offer. The smallest organ in the conference, these committees offer the change for personalities to clash and mesh in committee rooms, forcing conflict and cohesion. From developing policy in the ever-changing East Asian political climate in the Hong Kong Executive Board to navigating the twists and turns of the esteemed Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General, these crisis committees will provide the utmost challenge for delegates. Our staff is bringing years of topical expertise and passion to craft four days of lively and tense committee experience.

For any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to contact the Undersecretary General of Cabinets and Boards, Jeremy Cohen, at Can’t wait to see you in October!

Hong Kong Board of City Directors, 2014

Dealing with tensions with China, political and social pressures and navigating the changing global economic forum

Section VII, 1941

The underground British resistance against the Nazis under their hypothetical occupation of England

The Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General


Years of Lead, 1970

The Italian cabinet coping with violent communist and fascist cells, growing poverty and organized crime