Councils and Regionals

NCSC has a tradition of innovation- we see the tides of the circuit changing and are at the forefront of the movement to respond. Thus, NCSC XLV will be featuring the launch of Councils and Regionals as a Specialized Agencies Organ. We have gathered a top team of individuals to spearhead these committees, each providing unique innovations to parliamentary procedure and standard committee practices. Any changes to normal procedure will be outlined in the background guides. In this organ, the most competitive delegates will congregate to give themselves a new level of challenge that has never been seen before on the circuit. Our experienced staff is putting in hours upon hours of work to make sure that the renovation of this organ will debut a new trend on the Model United Nations circuit.  

NOTE: To clearly emphasize, not all committees in this organ have crisis. Specifications on parliamentary procedure will be outlined in the Background Guides.

For any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to contact the Undersecretary General of Councils and Regionals, Jaylan Smith, at Can’t wait to see you in October!

Cairo Conference, 1921

A meeting to balance the conflicting documents and differing desires of various ethnic groups in the Middle East

Bandung Conference, 1955

A coalition of ex-colonies discussing economic development and East-West tensions

Romanian Crown Council, 1937

The legislature faces major economic and social problems during the Inter-War Period both domestically and globally

United Nations Security Council, 1991

A union of the world's most powerful nations to deal with the most pressing security issues of its time.