Executive Letter

Dear Delegates,

On behalf of the Georgetown International Relations Association, Inc., it is our pleasure to invite you to the 45th National Collegiate Security Conference, held in the proud streets of Washington, D.C. As the Secretary General and Executive Director of NCSC, we cannot wait to welcome you to our conference.

Every year, the top collegiate Model United Nations teams from around the world convene in the Bethesda Hyatt for a weekend of premier committee experience. Each committee has been hand-selected to test each delegate, throw them into the modern era’s most pressing issues. Our staff comes with years of experience, specifically honed in on their respective topic areas, ready to provide you with a weekend you won’t forget.

This year, NCSC is bringing to the circuit a new level of expertise and electricity. The 45th iteration of NCSC will feature:

1. Organ Renovation: We have selected to expand the NCSC delegate reach to appeal to those who capitalize on the unexpected. This year, Councils and Regionals, is characterized by unique parliamentary procedure and committee base. We want to push delegates with the next level of challenge. With some of the best staffing Georgetown has seen concentrated in one organ, Councils and Regionals will become a staple of NCSC’s dedication to the cutting edge.

2. Reinvestment in Staff Training and Structure: For years now, NCSC’s strength comes from the high-caliber of its staff.  The 45th cycle will be featuring a restructuring of staff, a renewed focus of training to make sure your committees are leaner, faster, stronger then ever before.

3. Taking NCSC back to DC: We here on the Hilltop want to welcome you all to D.C. with all of its amenities and resources. This year, NCSC will be featuring unique programming that allows you the chance to explore the epicenter of international politics, business, and culture.

NCSC has a long tradition of excellence, tapping into delegates that bring the innovation and potential that the gravitas of today’s problems demand. Delegates that don’t shy away from the scope of yesterday’s crises, of today’s conflicts, of tomorrow’s dilemmas. This is your chance, to make a difference. You have the tools- the power is in your hands. The only question is: what will you do?

Naba and Aaron

Naba Rahman
Secretary-General, NCSC XLV

Aaron Bennett
Executive Director, NCSC XLV