Philanthropic Focus

NCSC has a long history of promoting youth advocacy through philanthropy. We recognize that together, we have the potential to enact major international change. Last year, NCSC was proud to partner with Charity:water to increase global access to humanity’s most critical.

NCSC XLV is proud to be fundraising for World Bicycle Relief (WBR), a registered 501(c)(3) organization that provides bikes to people to make everyday activities - participating in school, seeking healthcare, and growing small business - more feasible with a faster and less exhausting form of transportation. 

WBR builds and distributes bicycles with an innovative model that not only delivers affordable transportation but also new economic opportunities by training field mechanics and employing bike assemblers to support local bike programs. During its last 10 years, WBR has grown tremendously and has delivered more than 300,000 bicycles to Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia.

The NCSC XLV and NAIMUN LV Staffs have acknowledged WBR’s incredible commitment to global and sustainable development and promises to contribute to its philanthropic needs.  NCSC XLV, along with Georgetown’s high school Model UN conference, NAIMUN LV, are excited to raise as much as possible for WBR. Now the question is: what will YOU do to help the cause?  

To learn more, please visit: