Cleaning up the dirty war – Argentine Cabinet, 1983

CM: Casey Wetherbee

Chair: Claudia Leonor

It is the year 1983, and Argentina is emerging from decades of tumult. The Peronist regime clashed with the military elite for government control during the mid-21st century, ultimately resulting in repression and state-sponsored terrorism during the Dirty War. At the same time, the Argentine economy is sputtering, and populism is beginning to fail in the absence of its personalistic regime to prop it up. Raúl Alfonsín and his cabinet will have to deal with heavy inflation, angry workers, and how to bring the military to justice. ¡Viva Argentina!


About the Chair: Claudia Leonor is a member of the class of 2020 in Georgetown’s College of Arts and Sciences. She is studying Government with minors in Arabic and Spanish, and her course of study analyzes post-conflict social and political reconstruction initiatives in Latin America and MENA. Claudia has worked with several national and international agencies, such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the United State’s Attorney’s Office, and the Pentagon, in criminal prosecution of corrupt political figures and in conducting legal research on the expansion of political and military capabilities to address the needs of reconstruction.


About the Crisis Manager: Casey Wetherbee is a member of the class of 2021 in the School of Foreign Service majoring in International Political Economy. He’s lived in the city, the suburbs, and in cold upstate, so he usually just says he’s from “New York.” During his freshman year at Georgetown, Casey traveled to more Model UN conferences than he did all throughout high school, and the travel team is his main extracurricular, in addition to serving on senior staff for NAIMUN LVI and LVII. If there’s ever any free time in his Google Calendar you can usually find him watching Vine compilations, eating hummus, or playing piano.