Socialist international, 1976

United nations Conference on Water, 1977

Nuclear non-proliferation treaty Review, 1995

WOLESI JIrga, 2006


USG: Hoang-Nam Vu

The Assemblies and Summits organ is the only General Assembly-style organ that NCSC operates, with committees ranging from 60 to 120 delegates. Delegates in the organ are challenged to write substantive policies that address some of the most pressing issues facing the world today. This organ’s deviation from the traditional array of General Assemblies provides the opportunity for strong leadership and brilliant strategy in a setting that is dynamic, fresh, and unparalleled anywhere else on the circuit. At the same time, the issues remain similar to those discussed in traditional bodies, but with specialization and specification necessary to make an impact. This year in Assemblies and Summits, NCSC is offering yet another wide-ranging selection of bodies, including the Socialist International, 1973 , a body of Socialist parties across the globe, and the Parliament of Afghanistan, an exciting look into legislative bodies and their capacity to take on state conflict, among others.