The Little Spy Engine That Could: Cuban Intelligence Directorate, 1969

The failed Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis clearly demonstrated that Cuba is surrounded by enemies who would like nothing more than to see the revolution fail. Labeled the “Little Spy Engine That Could” by the New York Times, Cuba’s intelligence directorate has a reputation for being brutally effective. As a new crop of KGB-trained Cuban agents take the helm of the Directorate, this committee will plot and scheme in the name of the Revolution as threats from home and abroad emerge. Delegates must safeguard the regime against internal dissidents and defend Cuba’s interests from imperialist forces, while also furthering leftist movements in Latin America and elsewhere by whatever means necessary. Be on your guard: enemies of the revolution are everywhere.


CM: Caleb Yip

Chair: Carlos Asorey


About the Chair: Carlos Asorey is an international student from Madrid, Spain in the Walsh School of Foreign Service’s Class of 2021. He is majoring in International Economics and is a Global Business Fellow between the School of Foreign Service and the McDonough Business School. At Georgetown, Carlos had the privilege of serving as CM of the Boeing Committee in last year’s NCSC and USG of ECOSOC’s in NCSC’s sister high-school conference, NAIMUN. On campus, he is involved with different extracurricular activities including the university’s investment fund, startup accelerator, a children’s tutoring program. He is looking forward to chairing this committee and cannot be more excited to welcome you to this year’s NCSC in October.


About the Crisis Manager: Caleb Yip is a proud member of the Walsh School of Foreign Service class of 2021, and is majoring in International Politics with a security concentration and a minor in French. He was born in Hong Kong, China, but grew up in Pennsylvania, and is very grateful for DC’s milder climate. Caleb has been competing in Model UN since his junior year of high school. At Georgetown, he had the privilege of serving as NCSC’s USG of Regionals last year, as well as USG of Councils, Boards, and Courts at NAIMUN, NCSC’s sister high-school conference. Caleb is a devoted reader of Politico’s Playbooks and regularly lives out his dreams of world domination through Civilizations V. This summer, he will be interning at the State Department’s International Security and Non-proliferation bureau. He is extremely excited to welcome you to NCSC this October, and looks forward to seeing the machinations and intrigue of the intelligence world played out in committee.