Reboot 2018: Microsoft Board of Directors


Welcome, delegates, to the Microsoft Board of Directors, 2018. You have gained a seat at one of the most influential tables in the world, where decisions affect every industry and region, ranging from agriculture in Asia to gaming in North America. In a year where technology companies are on the front pages for all the right and wrong reasons, you have one task: define the future of Microsoft. Microsoft Windows was once everywhere, gaining traction all through the late 80s and 90s, controlling over 90% market share of the personal computer market. But that control quickly dropped with the rise of other products like Apple’s Macintosh OS. On the hardware side, the company has made attempts, most notably the Surface tablet and Xbox, to compete against top-shelf technology hardware companies like Apple, Samsung, and Dell. Microsoft was founded as a software company, has hardware products, and even plays an active role in developing markets. CEO Satya Nadella has pushed the company’s focus towards the cloud, but will you decide to follow his plans? Remember, while the company may focus on its bottom line, it also has the resources to affect massive change across the world in all emerging markets. The challenges you face this weekend cannot be solved alone. While you may bring a lot to the table, you will need to work with your fellow Board members to make crucial decisions that will resonate across industries and countries. Ultimately, your leadership and commitment decide the future of Microsoft, and the world.


CM: Sidd Muchhal

Chair: Alyssa Kardos


About the Chair: Alyssa Erin Kardos is a member of the School of Nursing and Health Studies, Class of 2021, studying Global Health with a minor in Theology. Alyssa migrated from Southern California to attend Georgetown and is still trying to grasp the concept of seasons. She had never been involved in Model UN before coming to college, but now has staffed both of Georgetown’s conferences each year and also travels with the Model UN team to conferences around the country. Her other passions include talking about herself in third person, eating free samosas, and wearing her bright pink crocs. Alyssa is ecstatic to serve as your Chair for Microsoft Board of Directors for her last NCSC.


About the CM: Sidd Muchhal is a Science, Technology, and International Affairs major and Global Business minor in Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service class of 2021. He’s from Princeton, New Jersey, and has been involved with Model UN since his freshman year of high school. Along with having traveled to over 20 MUN conferences, Sidd served as the Under-Secretary General of Joint Crisis Committees at NCSC 46, and Under-Secretary General of Cabinets at NAIMUN 56. Along with Model UN, he’s worked as a freelance journalist for the past six years, serves on SFS student government, and is part of a student-run strategy consulting firm. In his free time, Sidd loves to hike, read, and watch late night talk shows (Colbert, Noah, Minhaj, Oliver, etc). He’s super excited to serve as your Crisis Manager for Microsoft Board of Directors, and can’t wait to see you all in October!