Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review, 1995


Topic: The Future of Disarmament

Every five years, the United Nations helps facilitate a review of the NPT by its signing members to update its language and enhance its effectiveness. The group that met in New York in 1995 created a series of decisions that changed the aspects of the NPT. Part of the conference’s urgency was motivated by the Norwegian rocket launch, the Black Brant, which heightened Russian nuclear systems to a dangerous level. Some of the main topics discussed, as pushed by some of the signing members, include an indefinite extension of the treaty and greater oversight by the International Atomic Energy Association. Delegates will be asked to discuss the steps towards nuclear disarmament as well the future of the agreement. Instead of reenacting the events of 1995, delegates should consider their respective country policies to craft original recommendations directly addressing the international landscape at the time.

Key Questions:

  1. Should the treaty be extended indefinitely or be extended for an additional fixed period or period? Should this decision be made through a majority vote or a consensus?

  2. Can we move to a nuclear weapon-free world?

  3. Should there be greater oversight by the International Atomic Energy Association?


Co-Chair: Daria Boulos

Co-CHAIR: Neehar Mahidadia


About the Chair: Neehar Mahidadia is a member of the Class of 2021 in the School of Nursing & Health Studies (NHS), majoring in healthcare management & policy with a minor in science, technology & international affairs (STIA). Hailing from Edison, New Jersey, Neehar has competed on the MUN circuit for all four years of high school, previously served as the USG of Assemblies & Summits at NCSC XLVI and currently serves as the Secretary-General for NAIMUN LVII, NCSC's sister conference. Neehar is also the Secretary-General for the first iteration of NAIMUN Southeast Asia, hosted in Bangkok, Thailand in June 2019. When he isn’t binge-watching literally every show on Netflix or attending Georgetown Basketball games, Neehar serves on the NHS Academic Council, choreographs for the Georgetown South Asian Society charity show known as Rangila and is a senior consultant at Hilltop Consultants. Neehar cannot wait to share his passion for Model UN with all of you at NCSC! If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to Neehar by emailing him directly at


About the Chair: Daria Boulos is an International Politics major at the Walsh School of Foreign Service specializing in Foreign Policy and pursuing a minor in Arabic. She has been doing Model UN since her freshman year in high school and has been involved on the Georgetown team since her sophomore year. In the past, she has chaired the Organization of Islamic Cooperation committee for Georgetown’s high school conference NAIMUN, and has acted as a crisis analyst in the Ad-Hoc committee during NCSC XLVI. This October she is beyond excited to chair her first NCSC committee with her amazing Co-Chair Neehar in the NPT Review, 1995.