Operation Gladio, 1958


As the carnage of the Second World War drew to a close, the world hoped for a new era of global cooperation and peace. But before the dust of the conflict settled, the lines of the Cold War were already drawn. Now,  in 1958, Europe stands divided between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, and as the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. each develop their nuclear arsenals, an unstable stalemate has emerged.

But with the omnipresent threat of a Soviet invasion of the rest of Europe, some leaders in NATO are preparing for this worst-case scenario and are secretly laying plans to beat the Soviet Union should the Cold War turn hot. The official leaders of NATO intelligence leaders and the unofficial leaders of resistance movements across Europe now come together to plan Operation Gladio - the West’s clandestine mission to protect and expand a free world.


CM: Alo Escobar

Chair: Grant Castle


About the Chair: Grant Castle is a member of the Class of 2021 in Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, majoring in International Politics and concentrating in U.S. Foreign Policy. He’s also studying French and German with a certificate in International Development. Grant has been doing MUN since high school in Upstate New York and competes on the GUMUN travel team here at Georgetown. He was the USG of Cabinets for NCSC XLVI and has helped organize Georgetown’s high school level Model UN conference, NAIMUN, for several years. Outside of MUN, Grant is also involved in student government on campus and works in the Undergraduate Admissions office. When he’s not procrastinating in the library at 3:00AM, he’s probably facetiming his Sheepdog.

About the Crisis Manager: Hailing from 40 minutes outside the greatest city known to man/woman/gender non-conforming individual  — ¡Chicago! — Alo is a member of the School of Foreign Service Class of 2021. Majoring in Culture and Politics, he is specifically concentrating on conflict zones and technologies of violence, along with minoring in German. His journey in MUN began in high school where he competed frequently in historical crisis committees. Since arriving at Georgetown, he has served as a crisis analyst and manager at both NCSC and NAIMUN. When he is not wasting his time trying to nap at the most inconvenient times of day, you can find him humming along to a random tune or looking for life inspiration on pensive Instagram accounts. He is also an avid avian admirer and is involved in leading a pre-orientation program.