Plan Colombia, 1998

Chair: Julie Antão

CM: Javier Guerrero

As fighting between the government of Colombia, paramilitary groups, crime syndicates and communist guerrillas continues, President Andrés Pastrana has proposed his “Plan for Colombia's Peace.” Committed to providing peasants with an alternative to drug crops, president-elect Pastrana has called for assistance from neighboring developed countries to provide for increased investments in the social field with this plan. Simultaneously, the United States of America is concerned with drug trafficking in Colombia, and also seeks an end to the Colombian conflict accomplished through counternarcotics and the strengthening of the Colombian military.

In response, President Pastrana has convened a special committee composed of Colombian government officials, military leadership, and police leadership - as well as various U.S. and international partners - to present a finalized “Plan for Colombia” and resolve emerging issues. How will you, as members of this committee, choose to respond? Ladies and gentlemen, the question is simple. Plata o plomo?


About the Chair: Julie Antão is a member of the Walsh School of Foreign Service’s class of 2020, where she majors in International Politics with a focus in International Law, Ethics and Institutions and minors in French. Julie was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, where she used to go to the British School. There, she was involved with Model UN since she was a freshman, having served as the Chair of the European Union for Brazil’s Model United Nations conference. Julie served  as the CM for the Getúlio Vargas' Cabinet NCSC XLVI as well as the dUSG of Regionals for NAIMUN LV. On the Hilltop, she serves as the Senior Ball Chair on Senior Class Committee for the Class of 2020. She is also involved with the Brazilian Club, the GU Eating Society, the International Relations Club and the Georgetown Program Board.  You can find Julie binge-watching, quoting TV shows, as well as chick-flicks on Netflix, or dancing to Brazilian songs in her room. Julie can't wait to meet all of you in this year’s NCSC. Hoya Saxa!

About the Crisis Manager: Javier Guerrero is a second-year student at the Walsh School of Foreign Service. He is majoring in International Politics with a concentration in Diplomatic Studies, a certificate in Diplomatic Studies, and a minor in Latin American Studies. Hailing from sunny Miami, Florida and a proud Venezuelan-American, Javier is an award-winning delegate on Georgetown University's Model United Nations travel team. Outside of his involvement in GUMUN, he serves as the Athlete Leadership Coordinator for Special Olympics District of Columbia and is a novice free diver. Javier is very excited to welcome all of you to Plan Colombia and NCSC XLVII!