OPeration Gladio, 1958

Hidden Powers: Women for Security and Rights in Europe, 1973

Plan colombia, 1998

3rd ASEAN defence ministers Meeting plus

, 2015


USG: Áine Crinion

Regionals is a newer crisis organ at NCSC XLVII in response to delegate demand year after year for more of NCSC’s high caliber crisis committees. The organ takes two unique perspectives: some crisis committees bring actors from multiple states in specific regions of the world together to solve specialized and high-profile crises, while others are internal state crises that have a select region of concern with actors that act independently or against the state. Committees are generally the size of more traditional crisis committees (18-22 delegates) and follow normal crisis procedure. Committees in this organ include Operation Gladio in the 1950s, an early pretext to NATO of stay-behind armies across continental Europe working against communist influences, and Hidden Powers, with a group of powerful women in Europe during the late 60s and early 70s dedicating their work towards legislating gender equality. This organ is perfect for delegates seeking to delve into deeply substantive crisis with a special emphasis on the layers of challenges that accompany unique cultures and histories cooperating in the security realm.