JCC The Russian Revolution: White Russia, 1917

Chair: TJ Mukundan

Coordinated CM: Simon Ospenson

CM: Cooper Vardy


Welcome, delegates, the the struggle between Red and White Russia! The prize? The power to determine the future of what *may* one day become a great superpower. The consequences of failure? Unspeakable. The conflict is not simply a military one, nor is it a civil disagreement which can simply be settled with compromise. Rather, it is a fundamental competition between the values of the greatest remaining dynasty, the protection of long-held religious beliefs, and the destructive tide of communism that threatens the future of the nation. Let us come together to turn back the red wave, and preserve the true Mother Russia!


About the Chair: TJ Mukundan is most recently a proud Bostonian, but came to live there by way of North Carolina and Georgia. A member of Georgetown’s Class of 2021, TJ is excited to be exploring his passions for security studies and international law through a double Government and Anthropology major. TJ has previously served as the Director of Media and Technology for NCSC’s sister high school conference, NAIMUN, and also served as Chair of the Boeing Board of Directors at NCSC XLVI. Outside of Model UN, TJ is a board member of the Georgetown Bipartisan Coalition and a research assistant in the Department of Anthropology. When not on campus, he enjoys exploring DC’s expansive food scene, as well as tallying up the last few Smithsonian Museums he has not yet visited. TJ is excited to take part in the formative years of what may one day become a great global super power.

About the Coordinated Crisis Manager: Simon Ospenson is a student in Georgetown College (Class of 2020) studying Russian, with additional minors and coursework in History, Linguistics, and Computer Science. A long time crisis addict, he has competed and awarded at numerous conferences with Georgetown’s travel team and staffed the crisis suite of every Georgetown conference since NAIMUN 2017. He is fresh off of a wonderful semester abroad in Petrograd itself and eager to share his newfound ability to improvise Lenin-style speeches in Russian, his habit for late night шаверма (shaverma) from the sketchiest possible holes-in-the-wall, and, more than anything else, an abiding love for the culture, history and language of the Bolsheviks and Romanovs. When not in WBA, he enjoys running, climbing, parliamentary debate, and pining for his much-missed home state of Massachusetts. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to explore a fractious, contentious, and fascinating slice of history this NCSC!


About the Crisis Manager: Cooper William Vardy is a native of Guilford, Connecticut, and a member of Georgetown’s Class of 2021, studying International Politics and Security in the School of Foreign Service with a minor in Portuguese, with focuses in homegrown terrorism, insurgency, and genocide prevention. Cooper has previously served as the Deputy Under-Secretary-General of Regionals for Georgetown’s high school conference, NAMUN, as well as in various positions in both NAIMUN and NCSC. Outside of Model UN, Cooper serves as the Director of Communications for Georgetown’s International Relations Club, a team member of the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, and works at the Caravel newspaper. When not on campus, he enjoys exploring DC’s vibrant music and food scene. Cooper is elated to have the chance to explore the Russian Revolution in this year’s JCC and cannot wait to get started.