United Nations Conference on Water, 1977


Note: Delegates in this committee will be competing in double delegations.

In 1977, United Nations countries are meeting in Mar del Plata, Argentina to discuss the state of water around the world. Water is not just a resource to quench thirst, but a vital strategic supply that can change the course of governments and wars… if not given the proper attention leading up to a possible water supply crisis.

The participating countries must address the looming concern of the depletion of freshwater and the potential of climate refugees. It must recognize that wars have been fought over far less important matters than a necessary resource to survive.

This conference was created because “all peoples, whatever their stage of development and social and economic conditions, have the right to have access to drinking water in quantities and of a quality equal to their basic needs.” Remember that lives are hanging in the balance so compromise, think intelligently, and be green. Make every drop of water count.


Co-Chair: Charlotte Phillips

Co-Chair: Abbey Nichols


About the Chairs: Abbey Nichols is a member of the School of Foreign Service, Class of 2020. She is majoring in International Political Economy with a minor in French and a certificate in Diplomatic Studies. Abbey hails from the snowy winterlands of Minnesota and is loving every second of being in D.C., especially all the ice cream shops. She was on the Secretariat of NCSC XLV as the Director of Events (remember her outside of Barking Dog?) and served as the Executive Director of NAIMUN LVI, NCSC’s sister high school conference. On Georgetown’s campus, she also runs a political podcast called Fly on the Wall. Abbey is so excited to welcome all of you to the UN Conference on Water for her fourth and last NCSC!


About the Chairs: Charlotte Phillips studies history and government, with a minor in Spanish in the College. Originally from New York, Charlotte spends too much time telling people D.C. “isn’t a real city.” Charlotte has staffed NCSC twice before, and was the Director-General of NAIMUN LVI, Georgetown’s high school conference. In addition to staffing conferences, Charlotte is a guide with Georgetown’s Outdoor Education program. She can’t wait for the UN Conference on Water and NCSC XLVII!