United Nations Security Council, 2019


Note: Delegates in this committee will be competing in double delegations

The United Nations Security Council is the hallmark body of the UN, responsible for responding to the world’s most pressing security concerns. As the only UN body capable of issuing binding legislation to member nations, the UNSC has a mandate to issue both broad international laws and specific responses to global crises, lending to a blend between General Assembly and Crisis styles that makes the UNSC a collaboration between some of the most talented delegates on the circuit. This year, the UNSC will be exploring the relationship between the International War on Terror and the resulting responsibility of the international community to intervene, protect, and rebuild states in pursuit of justice against non-state actors. On the 12th of September, 2001, the UNSC passed its first ever resolution condemning the terrorist attacks that took the world by storm the previous day. Since then, over 200 resolutions have come to the floor of the UNSC, condemning international terrorism and taking action against non-state aggressors, representing the fundamental shift in focus of global geopolitics away from state-on-state conflict and towards new and challenging concepts. Throughout this weekend, delegates will be challenged to forge a new path on the response to the growth of terrorism worldwide, and will be responsible for tackling one of the most pressing issues of the past two decades at the highest stage of international diplomacy. Are you up to the task?


CM: Suraag Srinivas

Chair: Chase Wagers


About the Chair: Chase Wagers is a proud member of the Georgetown University Class of 2020, majoring in Government and minoring in History. He is originally from West Liberty, Kentucky, and will adamantly defend his home turf if challenged on it. Chase began his Model UN career at Georgetown, and now brings his passion for MUN to Georgetown's travel team and to Georgetown's two conferences: NCSC and NAIMUN. Since then, he has served as Chair of the Sino-Soviet Split at NCSC XLVI, Under-Secretary-General of ECOSOCs at NAIMUN LV, and Secretary-General of NAIMUN China.  Most recently, Chase was proud to serve as Secretary-General of NAIMUN LVI, which is NCSC’s sister conference for high school students. Outside of MUN, Chase is involved with Georgetown's student government, is a permanent resident of the library's social floor, and constantly battles the urge to blow exorbitant amounts of money on takeout, good coffee, and roaming D.C. with friends. Chase could not be more excited to staff his fourth and final NCSC alongside roommate and best friend Suraag Srinivas, and is thrilled to welcome you all to the UNSC this October!


About the CM: Suraag is a member of the class of 2020 studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a concentration in Business Growth and Development. While originally from Chelmsford, MA, Suraag (willingly) spent his four years of high school in rural Indiana at a military school, where he first got involved in Model UN. Since then, he has served as the Under-Secretary-General of Joint Crisis Committees at NCSC XLV and an Under-Secretary-General of Cabinets at NAIMUN LV, NCSC’s sister conference. More recently, Suraag completed his term as the Secretary-General of NCSC XLVI and he now serves as team GU MUN’s Conferences Coordinator and Head Delegate. Competitively, Suraag enjoys both crisis and GA-style committees and is excited to blend them together as the Crisis Manager of the UNSC. When Suraag is not staffing or competing with Georgetown Model UN, he is a member of the board of Hilltop Consultants, a student-run group that consults for nonprofits, and a choreographer for Rangila, Georgetown’s South Asian dance showcase. In his (agreeably limited) free time, he can be found watching SNL videos on Youtube and searching for or blending up the perfect fruit smoothie. Suraag could not be more excited to staff his fourth and final NCSC and is thrilled to welcome you all to D.C. this October!