Years of Experience


Modern, Realistic, Security Focused

NCSC XLVII will be building on almost five decades of experience running a premier collegiate conference. Since 1972, NCSC has been dedicated to achieving the highest possible quality of committee available on the circuit. 47 years of delegates have taught NCSC how to create excellent committee substance and provide you an unforgettable conference experience.


NCSC XLVII features a total of 20 fast-paced and engaging committees covering a vast array of regions, issues, and time periods. NCSC is renewing its commitment to providing the most cutting edge experience on the circuit with a focus on modern and realistic security. Delegates should expect to gain experience dealing with contemporary challenges that will be relevant in their future careers.


Washington, D.C.

NCSC XLVII will be located at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Crystal City, VA, a mere ten minutes from the heart of downtown Washington. Outside of committee, see city attractions such as the White House, the Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Library of Congress, and the Smithsonian Institution or experience D.C.'s famed food and nightlife. 



Staff Expertise

NCSC XLVII will be staffed by over 150 Georgetown students enrolled in one of the most respected international relations programs in the world.  In addition, many of the staffers are members of Georgetown's own travel Model UN team, one of the most highly awarded delegations in the nation. No other staff could provide the same level of expertise and dedication that these students bring to the table.